Ready, set, go!

Friday, August 31, 2012

In his ebook Ready, Set, Go Andrew Simmons talks about being ready to lose weight. I'm actually feeling that this week has been about getting ready. Getting back to eating – and shopping well,  making a food plan, no alcohol, getting back to the gym – gentle exercise to get me loosened up,  and trying to forget all the stuff I remember about losing weight – it's just not going to work this time. Oh, and starting my blog.  Read more here.

Image: Ready Set, Go - Andrew Simmons

The treadmill

This morning I was at the gym without my trainer. If I'm going to 'lose the fat, old lady' I'm going to have to be there a lot more. I spent time on the bike and the cross trainer. I was scared to go on the treadmill, as my bad knee (long story) had started to really pinch (OUCH!) because of the weight I'd put on. Today was an experiment and it was OK. Fantastic!

I felt great for going and it has put me in a good frame of mind for the day. I'll be back.

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My mantra

Thursday, August 30, 2012

In a 'session' a couple of weeks ago trying to get me back on track, we devised a new mantra and I need to remember it.

People care (my trainer isn't about to dump me because I wasn't committed 100%. He's there to help me)
There's hope (because there always is)
I can do this (I can do anything I set my mind to)

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It is all about the food I eat. This morning my trainer helped me with planning my food and went through all the new tools available to me. I have been at the gym three mornings this week and this is a recent record.

As I was walking out I was reminded that I should go in tomorrow to 'exercise' and I think I said, 'I'd try'. Of course, that meant 'yeah sure, I won't be there', on past records. Prompted, I then said, 'Sure, I'll be there'. Oh my god, I actually now have to go – four times in one week!

I was also 'up to' being weighed. It could have been worse. In November 2010, I remember I was 78kg, (after losing 22kg) so I have put on 19.2kg. Mmmm. I think I'd better get some of those 'Hey Fatso' bathroom scales.

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Just do it

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Today for the first time in about 30 years I am taking time out from the studio and going for a walk at lunch time. Wasn't my idea, (thanks Ingrid) but it will be fantastic to get moving and look at the water nearby. It will also be a chance for us all to get some exercise and some fresh air.

Sitting at a desk all day is no good for me.

Image: Bay Run, Drummoyne  29/8/2012

Visualise this

It has been put to me that I am on a journey for the next four months. The scenario is that I'm on a road trip. I'm driving, and I have my trainer(s) in the back seat giving directions.

I'm in control but my trainer(s) will guide me to my destination (i.e. to be fit and fabulous).

In light of how I'm feeling at the moment, I have in my mind an old, fat lady sitting in the passenger seat next to me! So my plan is at the first opportunity to ditch her at the first service station - just drive off without her. Only then will I be ready to start.

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The journey begins

How many times have you rattled off a 'very well thanks' when asked how you are? 

How are you really feeling? How am I really feeling?

Would you 'really' like to know that I'm feeling old, fat and unfit? Would you prefer if I went into great detail about all my aches and pains, the food and wine I've had whilst I've been overindulging the last few months, how busy and stressed we are at the studio (and home) and how I haven't had five minutes to really think about 'me' lately. Of course not!

This blog is a positive journey of thoughts, food, recipes, life, things I like and the transformation from the 'bottom' (teary on the bike this morning) to a new me (the me I used to be). It's the journey I'll make with the help of my personal trainer Alex, who has put up with many excuses and his boss Jeff.

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